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We enable you to make more informed decisions about what to buy & who to do business with.

Customers trust Feefo. We work tirelessly to promote honesty and provide customers with a platform to read and share genuine reviews, validated by matching each review to a legitimate transaction.

Fighting Fake Reviews

Despite the overwhelming popularity and influence of reviews, there is a general feeling of mistrust about them. The reason? The rise of fake reviews. This pertinent issue has been a subject of recent court cases and headlines, and the problem is gaining more and more traction.


Feedback you can trust

According to research commissioned by Feefo, this exposure has left a significant number of consumers (75%) worried about the issue. In fact, only 7% said they completely trust reviews. Interestingly, despite this scepticism, the opinions of other people are still held in high regard, with the majority (69%) generally trusting the recommendations of fellow shoppers.

Independent verification of reviews is a huge contributing factor as to whether they are trusted. 40% of people rank it as important, behind only the language and tone of the review itself. For many online shoppers, this third-party protection assures them that the reviews they are reading are credible. Our clear independence and reliability enables consumers to feel 100% confident in the reviews that they base their buying decisions on.

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