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Feefo SMS

Delivering feedback requests straight to your customers' mobile devices is easy, with Feefo SMS.

Tap into a better response rate

At Feefo, we always look to help your business hear from more of your customers. We understand that feedback is valuable; so the more reviews you can collect, the more brand-boosting benefits you can enjoy. Feefo SMS allows you to customise and send feedback requests to your customers' mobile devices, so they're much more likely to respond - giving you a better response rate, and more reviews.

By the numbers

  • 75% of customers prefer SMS for completing deliveries, promotions and surveys
  • Texts produce engagement rates six to eight times higher than email marketing alone
  • SMS is the preferred form of communication from businesses, and 83% of millennials will open a text message within 90 seconds of receiving it

Whatever the sector

No matter what industry you operate in, reaching your customers by text will boost your response rate.

Businesses that already contact their customers by SMS, such as travel companies or insurance firms, can tie feedback requests into their current communications strategy; closing the loop, while collecting valuable feedback.

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