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Insight Tags

Understand what your customers are saying, and gain improved insight into feedback, with intuitive sentiment tracking technology.

What is Insight Tags?

A powerful tool to simply analyse and report on trends, Insight Tags is used to gain a better understanding of your customer feedback.

While rich in insight, it can be hard and time consuming to manually analyse all of the comments you receive. Insight Tags allows you to assign 'tags' to comments, and track themes across all of your feedback.

In this way, your business can tag certain comments, phrases and sentiment, to create key themes, such as the quality of customer service, the speed of delivery or any technical issues with your website.

Functionality and features

  • Complete control
    Assign multiple tags across all of your feedback, to build the best picture from what your customers are saying. Whether positive or negative, your reviews are full of valuable insight.
  • Stay in the loop
    Set up alerts to stay on top of trends and themes with customised email notifications to relevant people in your organisation: e.g. feedback relating to a customer service representative can be tagged, and the relevant person informed.
  • Convenient campaigns and testing
    It's simple to activate or deactivate tags. This is useful for tracking tags across specific campaigns or for testing.
  • Analytics and reporting
    Track and identify trends, with powerful and innovative analytics and reporting tools. Create custom reports across every sector of the business, and use insights from feedback to power confident decisions.
  • Fire and forget
    Assign pre-defined responses to your tags, allowing for custom, automatic replies to be sent to your customers, based on the content of their reviews.

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For more information on setting up Insight Tags, check out this additional resource:

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